What is the Forest?

What is the Forest?
According to its function, forest consists of many kinds other between.
1. Production forest
That is forest which manages by government for toke its crop like wood and other crop.
2. Shelter forest
That is forest which constant by government (president) for adjust water system and prevent erosion. Which usually to be located. In mountains. If stock of water is lost, so performed distillation sea water or in part from other country or other district (area).
3. National Park
That is purpose for protect animals, plants with its ecosystem for importance of expand of science, education, culture, survey and nature recreation.

This National Park constant compatible UU. In Banyuwangi to be found 3 National Park that are:
a. Alas Purwo ╚ to be located in sub district of Purwoharjo and Tegaldlimo.
b. Meru Betiri ╚ to be located in sub district of Pesanggaran.
c. Ijen Raung ╚ to be located in sub district of Glagah.

For Alas Purwo & Meru Betiri National Park is Model National Park that is National Park which still natural or guarded or original. Mean while Ijen Raung National Park is candidate of National Park.

4. Conservation forest
That is purpose as conservation of variety biological and its ecosystem.
5. Natural Preserve
That is nature protection with let ecosystem in the area did it’s be. For example, Pangandaran Nature Preserve in West Java.
6. Tourism Forest
That is production forest which advantaged for tourism object.

Indonesia has 50 National Park. From 50 the National Park, 20 National Park which become Model National Park. 2 among other, to be found In Banyuwangi that are Alas Purwo and Meru Betiri National Park.
Forest is unit of ecosystem form carpet of area contain biological source which domination by trees in the environment nature federation which one another which can’t separated.
According to its status, forest divided become 2, that is

╚ Forest State
That is forest which managed by government for toke its product.
╚ Forest Right
That is personal forest form area which planted with kind plants.

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