7 Resources to Help Reading

7 Resources to Help Reading

1.  School Sparks – I LOVE this website.  It may look like it is only worksheets, but it really guides you through getting your child prepared for kindergarten as well as reading and literacy.  It has several groups of worksheets specifically made for learning to read, etc.


2.  Pinterest – You really can’t go wrong with so many of the things you find at Pinterest. There is a WEALTH of information on people’s boards.  We have collected a very good number of reading resources on our Reading Board at tutortriangle in Pinterest. Check out our reading board here.  


3.  Reading Rockets website - This is a website full of information for parents and teachers alike.  They have a great parent section that includes blogs, suggested books, and help for struggling readers.  There is also a great resource section that you can look for state resources for special needs and reading issues.


4.  Tutoring in the Triangle Blog – Not meaning to brag, but we have some terrific resources including downloads about reading as well as great blog posts.  We are constantly coming up with new ideas to help your family and child improve reading skills. 


5.  School.Familyeducation.com – A terrific website teeming with articles about reading and parenting readers.  You can really find some great tips here as well as some further reading if you suspect your child is struggling.


6.  Free ebooks – It doesn’t get much better than free!  This is the mother site for all free online books.  It has several lists of places you can get free online audio and visual books.  A must have for parents who really want to help their child improve in reading, but also expose them to different levels and types of books both visually and auditorially.


7.  WeGiveBooks.org – It’s another free online book, but it is laid out wonderfully for younger children.  It has the covers of the books lined up on shelves for your child to choose.  It offers contests and other events.  You will need to join in order to read, but it is free.

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