A Beautiful Mummy

A Beautiful Mummy

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
In this post, alaMfay Excellent Education about a beautiful mummy. Let's check it out!
Subject: the most beautiful mummy...
The most beautiful mummy in the world
This girl died from a disease at 5year’s old.
Her mother asked a doctor to make her a mummy and kept it in an Italian
Temple, it is already 80 years.

Believe or not…
Are you unlucky recently?
1. I’m an engineer; I was promoted as supervisor in one week after I
Forwarded this message.
2. I am a stroked man, and I can walk one month later after I forward this
3. I am areca vendor in Taipei, I sold two or three times as usual after I send
This to my friend.

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