Canada Present The Excellent View

Canada Present The Excellent View

Canada Present the Excellent View

            Halo people! What do you know about Canada? Country with many beautiful cities? Bilingual country? Yeah, that’s right all. Canada with Ottawa as capital city has the geography location in northern portion of North America (41 % of the continent). Canada spans 60000’N  95000’W. Canada is the second largest country in America continent with total area 9,984,670 km2 and water area is 8.92% of total area. With more than 32 million inhabitants, Canada absorbs more than 200,000 immigrants every year.
            Canada has many lakes. The Great Lakes feed the St. Lawrence River (in the southeast) where lowlands host much of Canada’s population. According to Statistics Canada, 72.0 % of the population is concerted within 150 km of the nation’s southern border with the United States, 70.0 % live south of the 49th parallel, and over 60% of the population lives along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Therefore, Canada’s density is 3.3 inhabitants/km2 is among the lowest in the world.. Although this, 79.7 % of Canada’s population resides in urban areas, where population densities are increasing.
            In western Canada has many volcanoes and is part of the system of volcanoes found around the margins of the Ocean, which is called the Pacific Ring of Fire. There are over 200 young volcanic centers. They are grouped into five volcanic belts. They are the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province, the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, The Anahim Volcanic Belt, The Chilcotin Group, and The Wrangell Volcanic Field.
            Five per cent of Canada’s land area is arable. Canada has 7,200 km2 of irrigated land (1993 estimate). Agricultural regions in Canada include the Canada Prairies, the Lower Mainland, and interior plateau of British Columbia, the St. Lawrence Basin and the Canadian Maritimes.
            Canada is a country in North America that has beautiful cities, stand among wave planes and snow mountain range is very suitable for peoples that need refreshing and spend their holiday with visit to overseas. Canada has many tourism objects starting from nature tour, culture until entertainment. With the number of its tourism object, Canada be able pull attention of international tourist and include into Top 20 International Tourist Arrivals by Country of Destination (2007).
International tourist arrivals
80.9 million
58.7 million
United States
56.0 million
20.6 million
17.9 million
12.3 million

           There are many waterfalls in Canada. The most famous waterfall is Niagara Falls. Niagara is a big waterfall in Niagara River that located between New York with Ontario. This waterfall often described as one of seven wonders of the nature world, natural beauty of Niagara Falls formed when glacier from the latest iceage is subsided and water from Great Lakes form route through precipice of Niagara. Niagara is group name of three waterfalls that is Horseshoe Falls, America falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The height of Niagara is 51 meter. More than 168,000 m3 water per minutes fall down and this is waterfall that strongest in North America. There are many interesting places here.
Ø  Skylon tower that famous with rotation dining room. Skylon tower is observation tower in Niagara waterfall that built at 1964 – 1965. Tower height is 160 meter.
Ø  The Niagara Falls Aviary, and Aerospace Museum, Daredevil about Niagara, and Niagara museum.
Ø  The Mist is fall adventure and fog bathes.
Canada has highest waterfall in North America, which is James Bruce Falls. This is ninth highest waterfall in the world with its height is 840 m and total width is 4.6 meter that is located in Marine Park, British Columbia, Canada. The best way to visit this waterfall is along winter and spring season.
Canada, we are coming!
In Canada, we can visit beauty cities starting from East Canada include Quebec and Ontario (industry and farming centre area), Toronto (the biggest city), and Ottawa (government centre). West Canada is regions that full of natural resources; include British Columbia (mountain area) and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta (in prairie). North Canada includes Yakon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut with low of population density.
Ø  Vancouver and Victoria
The biggest metropolitan city in West Canada is Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2010, this city that also the third biggest in Canada get the first ranking of “The World’s Most Livable Cities” from The Economist. In 1792, this city founded by US Captain George Vancouver. The capital city of this province is Victoria that located in Vancouver Island, which is one of Arctic Archipelago in Nunavut and Northwest Territory and be the biggest island in the world. The population of Victoria is 300,000 inhabitants (inside town life about 80,000 inhabitants). In Victoria, there is Chinatown that is the first China area in Canada.
Getting from Downtown Vancouver to Downtown Victoria by scheduled bus, city bus, sightseeing tour that pick up 9am in winter and 7 or 8 in the summer time, by car, or by plane/helicopter with fares start from $129 one way for the 35-minute flight. In addition, for getting from Vancouver Airport to Downtown by scheduled bus, city bus, car, or by plane.
Ø  Whistler
It is sacred place for extreme sport fans start from newbie level until insane level. As choice place for sky in North America since mid-1990s, Whistler eligible for become host of Winter Olympiad 2010.
Ø  Toronto and Calgary
Toronto is the biggest city in Canada as the capital city of Ontario. Toronto builds in 1793. Since  1998, the population of Toronto is more than 5 million inhabitants. There is CN Tower as highest building in North America with its height 553.33 meter. City where held International Film Festival occupied fourth position of “The World’s Most Livable Cities” from The Economist. Below Toronto, there is Calgary as fifth position of “The World’s Most Livable Cities” from The Economist. This proves that Canada is most livable country.
Hotels Name
Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Centre
801 Dixon Road M9W1J5 Toronto
InterContinental Toronto
220 Bloor Street West
M5S 1T8 Toronto
Delta Chelsea Hotel
33 Gerrard Street West
M5G 1Z4 Toronto
Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport
970 Dixon Road
M9W 1J9 Toronto
Holiday Inn Toronto-Airport East
600 Dixon Road
M9W 1J1 Toronto
Holiday Inn Express Toronto-Downtown
111 Lombard Street
M5C 2T9 Toronto
Hampton Inn Toronto Airport Corporate Centre
5515 Eglinton Avenue West
M9C 5K5 Toronto
Hilton Toronto
145 Richmond Street West
M5H 2L2 Toronto
Bond Place Hotel
65 Dundas Street East
M5B 2G8 Toronto
Crowne Plaza Hotel Toronto Airport
M9W 6H5 Toronto

Ø  Quebec and Montreal
Quebec is province that use French as first language and the biggest province in Canada. Quebec is province as the biggest maple syrup producer in the world, so fleur-de-lis icon as motif for Canada’s flag. The biggest city in Quebec is Montreal, where it is located in Mount Royal Park. There is Blue Metropolis International Literary held every year in Montreal since 1999.
The Best Place for Shopping
  1. West Edmonton Mall
West Edmonton Mall is the biggest Shopping Centre in North America. The area of West Edmonton Mall is 483,000 m2. There are 58 entries gate with more than 800 shops, 110 restaurants, 21 bioscope, and about 325,000 lamps here. And West Edmonton Mall has the biggest parking lot in the world (for 20,000 cars).
  1. Victoria Chinatown
Victoria Chinatown is popular area for tourist or artistic peoples. Its focus in block 500-600 meter from Fisgard Street and already develop together with Herald Street and Pandora Avenue. This area also called National Historic Site.

  1. Kensington Market
Kensington Market also famous as “Jew market”. About 60,000 Jew peoples life in surround Kensington Market since 1920. Nowadays, Kensington Market was famous as main tourist center and life culture center with unique condition.
Hunting Canada’s Food
            Hungry? Just visit to the Canada’s best new restaurants that provide various foods such as the hot chicken sandwich, etc. This is list of the best restaurants in Canada.
Restaurant Name

Haisai Singhampton

794079 County Rd. 124, Singhampton, Ontario,

Bao Bei Vancouver

Bao Bei
163 Keefer St., Vancouver

Cava Montreal

5551, av. du Parc, Montréal

Local Kitchen & Wine Bar Toronto

Local Kitchen Wine & Bar
1710 Queen St. W., Toronto


Stone Soup Inn Cowichan Valley

Stone Soup Inn
6755 Cowichan Lake Rd., Cowichan Valley, B.C.

Charcut Roast House Calgary

Charcut Roast House
899 Centre St. S.W., Calgary (at Hôtel le Germain Calgary), 403-984-2180,

Quatrefoil Dundas

16 Sydenham St., Dundas, Ontario

EdGe Sooke

6688 Sooke Rd., Sooke, B.C.

Buca Toronto

604 King St. W., Toronto,
Le Quartier Général Montreal
Le Quartier Général,
1251, rue Gilford, Montréal,

That is all everything about Canada. I hope that this article can help for those who interest to know about Canada.
ARTICLE REFERENCE  Top 20 International Tourist Arrivals by Country of Destination (2007) about trip of Vancouver to Victoria about Best Canadian Mall photo reference hotel in Toronto Canada best new restaurants

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